Professional Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Michelle has followed a recognized make-up and hair styling training. In addition, she attends various workshops and masterclasses from renowned artists at home and abroad, to continuously improve her skills and keep them up to date.


As a child I already walked around with a powder box. And who still knows those kids lipsticks that you could slide over each other? Well, that was really my thing back then. What started as a hobby at the time has now grown into my current profession as MUAH.

I’ve always been obsessed with love, fairytales and beauty. For example, years ago I started as a wedding planner and I have been able to organize various weddings at home and abroad. It was fantastic to be part of such an enchanting day. Yet deep down I knew that this was not my final destination. For example, I was always looking over the shoulder of the makeup artist and hairstylist and that was secretly what I wanted to do the most.

I am looking forward to meet you and to contribute to your special day or event.

For questions about the possibilities and availability, please contact us via this page.