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How wonderful it is to be busy with your wedding, including the bridal make-up and the bridal hairstyle. Despite the fact that a lot of arranging is involved, that is not a bummer and there is enough to make you happy. My wedding was supposed to take place July 11 this year. I already had everything in jugs and pitchers but suddenly corona came around the corner. There were so many restrictions on the wedding location that I and my partner chose not to let it take place that day. For example, we could only invite half of the number of guests. In addition, a possible fine that would be handed out by the government for a violation was at our expense. So you don’t want to think about all of that on the best day of your life.




I thought there are many brides with me who choose not to have the wedding this year. But nothing is less true. I am still booked a lot and the brides I speak to are absolutely not put off. I love this. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how big or how small the wedding is. It’s about the love you have for each other. That way, that adjusted wedding will also be the most beautiful day of your life. I am therefore tackled and together with my partner have decided to let the wedding go ahead. This will be smaller, more intimate and at a different location, but certainly less special.


Like I said, I have already arranged everything for the wedding. I bought the wedding dress at Koonings bridal fashion in Deurne. Truly a true paradise full of wedding dresses. I recommend that you take a look there. I had also already thought about my bridal make-up and bridal hairstyle. My good friend Kelly Baron from Baron Academy is a star at making beautiful bridal hairstyles. She was already in the starting blocks to provide me with a beautiful hairstyle during the wedding day. I would do the bridal make-up myself. I know all the ins and outs and then it is quite difficult to hand this over. It is wonderful to be busy with the total look. For example, I created a Pinterest mood board to collect beautiful looks.




But what about you? What can I possibly make you happy with? Each bridal stylist creates her own style. You will find some examples of this on my Instagram page. I like the natural look with a little extra glam. You can think of false lashes, a good contour and catchy highlighter. A natural look does not necessarily mean that I use little make-up. The bridal make-up must remain in place all day long. You create that, for example, by beaconing certain parts of your face. You may have heard of that term before. Above all, it is important to me that you get the look you want. If that means that you do not want false lashes and less powders and the like, then that is of course no problem.


With my all-round experience in bridal make-up and bridal hairstyles, I can at least help you create the look you want. I am looking forward to meet you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone, email or whatsapp.


Lots of love,





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Bridal make-up

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