Would you like to have your bridal makeup & hair taken care of by an experienced bridal stylist? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m happy to help you feel like the very best version of yourself!


First of all, congratulations on planning your wedding day! On one of the most important days of your life, you want to be able to relax knowing you will look great all day long. With my bridal makeup & her services I like to help you feel confident and beautiful. This way you can look back on a fantastic day with beautiful photos and remember exactly how great you felt.




I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty rather than mask it. It’s so important to still feel like yourself, but a slightly more polished version. My specialization lies in glam bridal makeup. You can think of a beautiful contour, false lashes and a beautiful highlighter. But if you prefer without false lashes, that is of course also fine. It strikes me that brides are often afraid that it will soon become too much and no longer look natural. But once in my chair they notice that a natural make-up look can also be achieved with some extra make-up. It has to remain in good shape all day long. Pictures are also taken on your wedding day and I have to take that into account with the make-up look. This concerns the right color, shine, but also matted parts of your face, so that it comes into its own in the photos.


I am extremely passionate about weddings and my brides. It is extremely infectious when a bride loves what we achieve together and I strive to give you the look you want.


Entrusting your bridal makeup & hair to a professional bridal stylist is an important step. A bridal stylist will have to pay close attention to the details of your appearance. It is essential that the bridal make-up and bridal hairstyle come together well. Because we schedule a trial session prior to the wedding day, we can discuss and try out all the details together. Do you not know which look you actually want or what looks good? No problem. With my knowledge and experience as a bridal stylist, that is all right.

The most beautiful and intense day in every woman’s life must be absolutely perfect. It will be a lasting memory for you as a bride and your partner. At the same time, it is also an unforgettable day for those who participate in it with you. It will be captured by photo and video and shared on social media. Then of course it all has to look perfect!


Entrusting your bridal makeup & hair to a professional bridal stylist is an important step.


You, as a bride, are the center of attention on the wedding day. You naturally want to feel and be your most beautiful. I’m happy to help you emphasize that beauty. Your appearance and the emotions that day will do the rest and will come together beautifully with the dress, accessories, bridal make-up, bridal hairstyle and atmosphere of this special day.


If you book me, we will first start with a telephone introduction. We schedule a trial session based on our conversation. This is a fundamental moment when questions can be asked and together we achieve the perfect look. On the wedding day itself, I will be on location throughout the Netherlands and, if desired, beyond. For the possibilities, please contact me by whatsapp, telephone or email.


I am looking forward to meet you!








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