Bridal makeup

Appropriate bridal makeup for your wedding? Then you’ve come to the right place. You already have your natural beauty and your appearance with you. I would like to help you emphasize this so that you feel even more empowered on this fantastic day.

Schedule your trial session on time

We start with a trial session. For the bridal makeup alone, this takes an average of 1 to 1.5 hours. If you want to combine this with the bridal hairstyle, you should take about 3 hours. The trial session is intended as a moment to try out your chosen makeup look and this may not be the look you choose. If you want to try out a different look, a new trial session will have to be scheduled.

It is advisable to schedule the trial session well in advance. Of course I do my very best, but we have to remain realistic because there is no dispute about taste. If you are less satisfied with the end result, there is still enough room to schedule an appointment with someone else. 

Bridal makeup that fits who you are. Natural, soft glam or full glam; everything is possible!

Because I have many products and tools to work with and we do not know in advance which look it will ultimately be and what suits you best, the trial session takes place in my studio. Here I explain everything so that you know what to expect from me at the wedding itself. After the trial session, you have 14 days to finalize your reservation.

What else can I do for you?
Would your (mother-in-law), bridesmaids or other wedding guests take care of their make-up and / or hairstyle? Which can! Depending on the available time, I do this myself. If it cannot be measured, I will call in the help of hairstylists in my network if you agree. I take care of the make-up and the hairstyling is done by someone from my network.

And it is not unimportant to report that I / we come on location at the wedding itself.

Please contact me for information. Click here for more information and the possibilities.


On location

On the wedding day I come on location


Makeup artist and hairstylist

I am a makeup artist and hairstylist; you can come to me for both your bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle


High quality products

I use high quality products such as MAC, NARS, ZOEVA and Charlotte Tilbury